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What is Em-SENA?

Em-SENA is an Antasena application developed by Empore which processes banking reporting data to BI through the Antasena BI application service system, Web-based with Microsoft NetCore 3.1 MVC technology, developed because of the need to match definitions, formats or technologies used in Antasena reporting.

Through Em-SENA application, data processing for BI Antasena reporting will be easier. In addition to ease of data processing, the Em-SENA application is also increase flexibility in changing data formats and troubleshooting validation errors from BI Antasena.

Em-SENA Features

Validation Features

Em-SENA has unique validation and is generated dynamicly follows the type of validation. Unique because of the process which is easy, fast and the design of validation adapts to the typical reporting data, this means that each reporter has a different character when do the validation design settings. Strategies for setting validation designs included in consulting services.

Professional ID Feature

Em-SENA has an automatic flow that is tested to handle Operational IDs, so that users do not need to be burdened with problems forming an Operational ID.

Performance Features

Em-SENA is an application that has a reliable solution, to avoid late reports and error returns from BI Server. With an implementation strategy that fit with the BI Antasena flow conditions, the reporter does not need to spend days waiting for the results of data corrections to receive a successful delivery receipt from BI Antasena.

Backdate Service feature

Em-SENA also has a backdate services feature, solutions to BI ANTASENA reporting problems, especially correction data.

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